A Passion
forty years long

Between Innovation and Tradition

Marmi Colomba
‘s origins can be traced to the early sixties and today, after an articulated path of production, commercial and research activities, it is able to provide its customers with a complete range of products, surfaces and innovative services regarding Natural Stone.

We can guarantee careful product finishing and selection by means of consolidated machining and control procedures.

Our production capacity has continually increased thanks to significant investments.T Thousands of square metres of materials in different formats are available in our warehouses, ready to be transformed according to our customers’ requests and allowing us to satisfy both small orders and great projects in the fastest possible times. We are able to meet small orders and large projects as quickly as possible.

Our continuous desire for innovation and perfection originated a new idea: “Colombare project”, a new way of projecting ourselves which, through collaboration with architects, designers and the top consultants of the Natural Stone sector, can offer a complete service from design to laying.

Wide choice of








Marble Tiles

It marments in various sizes and finishes with thin thickness. They are particularly suitable in the coverings of bathrooms, flooring of small surfaces and in all those cases where weight and thickness have priority (renovations or shipbuilding).


Traditional fixed-size or materially exploited (running) floors with various finishes and cm thickness. 1.5 to cm. 3. They are particularly suitable for large sizes or any re-elucidation in the work.

laths and frames

Artworthy decorations, used to embellish and customize all kinds of coatings.
They are used as a finish for panelling and modulmarmo coatings.


Composition of natural stone tiles of various sizes and colors assembled on fiberglass sheets.
Taking up the ancient tradition of the master mosaicists of the schools of Spilimbergo and Ravenna take shape compositions that can embellish floors and coverings.
They can also be used as completion and finishing elements.


Finishing elements for floors and stairs that serve to facilitate the cleaning of the rooms by preserving and protecting any masonry works.


We can offer special machining operations to further customize projects with corner cuts for the insertion of pieces or finishes with little marble slabs (e.g. edges that are polished or with bird’s beak ornamentation) which facilitate laying and embellish the facing.


Use our tool to discover the effect of materials applied in a room.

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